Friday, August 04, 2006

oh yeah I forgot

So two things about the show at Summerstage:

1. Pete Rock and his brother made a big point of shouting out every burrough of NY, except Staten Island, but there was no what's up to anywhere else. This wouldn't really be that weird, except for the fact that Pete Rock isn't even from the city. Jadakiss reps Yonkers, why can't you rep Mt. Vernon, Pete Rock? N.B. It was kind of funny when Pete's hypeman asked who was from Brooklyn and the response was deafening. I'm just guessing, but I don't think the Brooklyn that you hipster douches came from is the same Brooklyn he was asking about.

"Don't Get it Twisted, 914's where I'm listed" - Jadakiss, "If You Want it, You Can Get It" by the Lox

2. During Lady Sovereign's set she was joined onstage by a guy in a beret who painted two abstract pictures on two canvases, using spray paint, brushes, and markers. Now, out of context, his paintings were actually kind of cool. I just hate the fact that they included him in the show, this guy just dancing around, rocking his head, painting to Lady Sovereign. What are they trying to say here? That Lady Sov just moves people to create? Gimme a fucking break. It was just so contrived that it made me a little uneasy.

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chadwick said...

Dont knock it man, you can come and watch me paint anytime.