Wednesday, May 27, 2009

her wings are dumb, too

This is such a pretty cover of Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" but it's almost ruined by this dumb video. Animal masks, really?

are they robots?

This song is great, this album is great, this video is OK.

peanut butter and jelly

Pretty wierd and effective video for the only standout song on the new Peter Bjorn and John album here.

The Runaway

Heard a live version of this National song a few months back. This is still a live version, but much better quality. This is the same show that Billy Bob Thornton acted like an asshole on recently.

when a problem comes along, you must ask your parents permission

Young children getting their Devo on. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to waterboard or not to waterboard

Conservative radio host has himself waterboarded. Watch how quickly this man's opinion is changed on the idea of it being torture.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

im taking you down hasselbeck, in a steel cage

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the hottest person I've ever hated. Here she gets waterboarded in a political discussion with Jesse Ventura.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

this isn't over cat!

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I finally find the Keyboard Cat funny.

Fancy Nancy

a poem by Mike Huckabee

Here's a story about a lady named Nancy
A ruthless politician, but dressed very fancy
Very ambitious, she got herself elected Speaker
But as for keeping secrets, she proved quite a "leaker."

She flies on government planes coast to coast
And doesn't mind that our economy is toast
She makes the Air Force squire her in their military jets
There's room for her family, her staff, and even her pets.

Until now, she annoyed us, but her gaffes were mostly funny;
Even though it was painful to watch her waste our tax money.
But now her wacky comments are no laughing matter;
She's either unwilling to tell the truth, or she's mad as a hatter!

She sat in briefings and knew about enhanced interrogation;
But claims she wasn't there, and can't give an explanation.
She disparages the CIA and says they are a bunch of liars;
Even the press aren't buying it and they're stoking their fires.

I think Speaker Pelosi has done too much speaking;
And instead of her trashing our intelligence officials, it's her nose that needs tweaking.

If forced to believe whether the CIA and her colleagues in Congress are lying;
Or it's Speaker Pelosi whose credibility and career is dying.
I believe in the integrity of the men and women who sacrifice to keep us safe;
Not the woman who has been caught flat-footed, lying to our face.

I say it here and I say it rather clear-
It's time for Nancy Pelosi to resign and get out of here.

eugene levy and hagrid finally team up

CGI has rendered films like this to automatically come off as parodies. If it was 1991 I would be freaking PSYCHED to see Gooby.

my duster!

If anyone ever tries to tell you the 80s were the good ole' days, ask them why this video exists and tell them to shut the fuck up. 

BTW, more than 3 viewings of this commercial will cause unfortunate enjoyment.

what's nose candy?

Hey Buzzfeed, I applaud your panache. GREAT LIST

Monday, May 18, 2009

waitin' for a superman

Stereogum pointed out that as of yesterday, The Flaming Lips album The Soft Bulletin turned 10 years old. They posted this fairly sweet video of Iron and Wine doing my favorite song from it. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

doesn't drip

Sequel to my favorite post on this site since it's rebirth. Not quite as excellent, but I still say WOW every time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

360 on pot

Nice discussion on the legalization of marijuana in which John Walters clings to the outdated principles of the War on Drugs and is not convincing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the future is here

Speaks for itself...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

sorry, no naomi watts masterbation scenes

Buzzfeed recently posted this list of the top 5 David Lynch Mashups online. The Dirty Dancing one is particularly well done, though I'm starting to feel like people who make these types of things are missing the point of Lynch's filmmaking.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

must stop reading consumerist

I recently found a hair in the middle of a Hot Pocket. That wasn't as gross as this. any gum?

The best thing John Fogerty has ever done was be a part of this story.

im a nerd

Cuz Star Wars will always be more awesome than Star Trek...

i call them bunnies

Actually some impressive ideas here from user andrewhussie. Someone's been watching a bit too much David Lynch as the comments say the music is actually from Rabbits...

It's really just someone who watched Lynch's Rabbits and put it to a real show. Doesn't mean it isn't impressive. BTW, first "episode" of Rabbits:

Watch the rest on youtube, or go watch Lynch's fantastic film Inland Empire featuring these shorts.

Friday, May 08, 2009

interpretive dance like things in the back ground

Everyone has seen this? Good, moving on...

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Trailer for the new Francis Ford Coppola flick Tetro. Alot of people online are saying how good this looks. I say never to be fooled by a good trailer. Though I don't think this really is one. I guess the FFC lost me at Jack, and I hope there is some justification besides his giant ego for this film to be in black and white.

slaughter shack

I'm sure if you still watch MTV you've seen this (and that you are a
16 year old girl). While I will still not watch the MTV Movie Awards
this year, I feel somewhat of an obligation to post anything with Will
Arnette in it, especially something this funny.

there's something i've been meaning to get off my chest

Galafianakis is wonderful.

i might like Alfonso Ribeiro better now

The most likeable movie star on the planet is trying very hard to make everyone hate him.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

sorkin crush

This is a bit out of the norm for the new format of this site, but a lack of content (and a long work day tomorrow) means a few days without any other kind of post. I decided instead to discuss my greatest guilty pleasure.

As a half ass film student I've watched many of the "great" films (still have many more to watch) and I can appreciate a good film with anyone. However, and I was not even aware of this until my recent obsession with show The West Wing, but apparently I have a real thing for films that involve politics. A discussion of my favorites (in no particular order):

The American President (1995)
Oddly enough, this is where my love of political films (and Aaron Sorkin) begins. Not a particularly deep film, not exactly fluff either. It's a Rom Com disguised as a film about politics, and it sucks me right in with one of my favorite casts ever (and one of Michael J. Fox's best roles). It's on TV probably 20 times a year on various cable networks.
"My name is Andrew Shepherd and I AM the President of the United States of America"

Dave (1993)
My favorite Kevin Kline movie and a fairly underrated 90s comedy (with a shockingly high Tomatometer) is one of my earliest political film loves. As I write this I'm learning more that it's not films about politics that I've always loved, just films that took place in the White House.

My Fellow Americans (1996)
Would never be mistaken for an Oscar winning film and I don't have much defense for liking it besides the fact that it involves the presidency and some fantastic actors. Also, Bradley Whitford from The West Wing!
"...hail to the chief, he's the chief and he needs hailing."

Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
More Sorkin love here, though this one is based on a true story. Star power galore (Hanks, Roberts, Hoffman) and a fantastic screenplay make this a great film. Sorkin is the king at keeping a film deep and technical yet fun and full of personality at the same time.

JFK (1991)
The only film on this list I consider to be a true masterpiece. Oliver Stone took great liberties with the facts surrounding John Kennedy's assassination and the investigation into it. The film is almost entirely dialogue, yet still extremely visual. The editing, the numerous cameos, the only role where I don't hate Kevin Costner, and the Donald Sutherland scene are just a few reasons why this film is so enjoyable. It also seems to say more about how we as Americans view our own history than it does about John Kennedy.

"...back, and to the left...back, and to the left..."

These aren't all of the films that involve politics that I enjoy, but the ones I enjoy the most (couldn't decide if Dr. Strangelove was technically a political film so I left it off of here, though it easily would have topped this list). What else should I see?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

poor rodney

I have a real love for Rodney Dangerfield. I thought this video was going to be horrible, dated, and not funny. Apparently the first 2 are true, but I chuckled throughout the whole thing. Also, Andy freakin' Kaufman!

microwaving cellphones, more fun than microwaving peeps?

A video that truly amazes me.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

do it. faster. makes us. harder. (giggle to self)

Daft Punk brings joy to my life. Pretending I am them brings even more.