Thursday, August 24, 2006

not autumn yet

Yes Green Hornet, summer is ending. I will miss the summer. Here's a song to get some nostalgia pumping as you think back to the last three months:

A Summer Wasting - Belle and Sebastian

Let's not let the seasonal depression get us down too much. First off, summer is too fucking hot. Second, autumn has some cool things: football (both American and English) start, trees look cooler, and we get to see women wear summer clothes when it's too cold because they don't want to admit it's fall. So here's a song to listen to in the autumn.

Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo

And if you need something else to tell you summer can't really be too great, here it is:

Summer Jam - Craig David ft. The Artful Dodger


Sal Paradise said...

hahaha, great post..we saw them live

green hornet said...

which one did you see live?
I've seen both of those bands on different 4th of julys