Wednesday, August 23, 2006

J Dilla Jay Dee

Everyone out there should go and buy "The Shining", J Dilla's latest posthumous release. The more people that buy it, the more it makes up for me pirating it online. I gave my donation to the dilla fund via T Shirt purchase though, so I'm set. Anyways, this album has guest rhymes from Pharoahe Monch, Busta, Black Thought, Common, and some others, and all the beats are Dilla beats so you really aren't gonna go wrong.

"Baby" feat. Madlib and Guilty Simpson by J Dilla Jay Dee

It's also the Gza's 40th birthday today and the man is still swinging lyrical swords.

Good for him.

"Pool of Blood" feat. Jus Allah by the Gza


MC Abstract Douchipster said...

it seems like these days this is somewhat of a sacrelige to even say, but i really havent enjoyed what i have heard from the shining

i read that he didnt really finish this album and someone else stepped in and did it for him, and honestly, it sounds like it

green hornet said...

yeah. I still enjoy it. I didn't like it enough to pay for it, so I mean, take that however you wanna.