Thursday, August 17, 2006

OK Crunk

I know, I know. This blog has only been running for a few months and I keep mentioning Radiohead. I just keep finding interesting things about them. And I swore to myself I was gonna hold off and not say another word about them for a while...BUT THIS WAS TOO GOOD!

Get this:

A guy named DJ GYNGYVYTUS (and yes, apparently you are supposed to spell his name in all caps) made a free online album of crunk-style hip hop instrumentals based on Radiohead songs. Yes, Radiohead and crunk finally meet.

The songs themselves are pretty loosely based on the Radiohead songs, each taking a recognizable part from a Radiohead song and basing the beat around it. But they are recognizable. The BEST thing is the song titles. Here is a tracklist (with actual song title in parentheses):

Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute to Radiohead
.1 Fitter, Hyphier (Intro) (Fitter, Happier)
.2 Skeet Spirit (Street Spirit)
.3 No Sizzuruprises (No Surprises)
.4 The National Headbustaz Anthem (The National Anthem)
.5 Flamboastin' Android (Paranoid Android)
.6 Creepin' (On Dat Ass) (Creep)
.7 Talk Show Hoes (Talk Show Host)
.8 Snaps Out (Knives Out)

Song title highlights are debatable (to me a four way tie between tracks 2, 3, 6, and 7), but there are also a few highlights in the music. While songs like "No Sizzuruprises" and "Creepin' (on dat ass)" are poorly executed and fall flat on their faces, songs like "National Headbustaz Anthem" and "Skeet Spirit" come from parental melodies that actually lend themselves to becoming nice little romps through an artistically questionable genre.

Now, the link is to the site that you can download this entire thing for FREE, so even if you do it just to make fun of it, you really should go download this thing.


Sal Paradise said...

is it really worth a download? am i gonna know im listening to radiohead crunk and am i going to be happy about it?

green hornet said...

this shoulda been called Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy computer