Thursday, April 24, 2008

TPC NYC BOWERY 4-20 & 4-22


i taped a lot of the 4-22 show and am figuring out the best way to host it but for now here's a tease

of things

to come.

(will post reviews, etc. as well)


give credit where credit's due is all I ask...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mind Control!

I was watching New York Noise last weekend (you can watch all of em here, if you don't live within the NY metro area) and I caught the video for "Mind Control" by Imani. At under a minute long, it was like the opening credits for some Nickelodeon show in an alternate universe (Imani is 10 years old).

I have to say, I really loved it, and was pretty pysched when they played the entire song again, immediately afterwards, while Mark Ronson talked about it (it reminds him of Nickelodeon too, but he also called her a Santogold mini-me, which I dunno if I agree with so much). The screams are one of my favorite touches to the song, and the video itself is visually stunning. The production is just so-so, however, so I've been looking around to see if I could find anything more by her. Turns out the production does get a bit better, especially on the tracks "BkLyn WhAAAAAAAT" and "Why U Runnin'". I don't know if she writes the songs herself, but if not, the writer certainly does a good job of writing lyrics that are age-appropriate without being boring to an older crowd (most of the time). There are moments in all the songs where the instrumentation enters really familiar territory, but the exciting flourishes make it worth while. If for any reason, you find yourself having to make a mix for a third grader, you'd probably do well to throw Imani on it. You'd probably do well putting it on a grown-up mix too.

"BkLyn WhAAAAAAAT" by Imani
"Why U Runnin" by Imani
Official Myspace

On an unrelated note,
I heard some talk about the new streets album being worked on, so naturally I've turned to the internet to see if I can back that up. It drives me crazy trying to find any information about him in google blog search though, because searching "Mike Skinner" gets me information on Craftsman Truck Series driver, Mike Skinner,

"Get 'er Done"

Who has not done very much to push things forward in the terms that I would like. The other option is to search "streets" or "streets album". Here we get, "Mike Jones: Voice of The Streets". Now, it was a nice surprise to see that Mike Jones had lost a lot of weight.

Seriously, look at that! I didn't even recognize him! That's not the point though, the point is, I know nothing about the upcoming streets album, and I probably won't for a while, and that frustrates me. What doesn't frustrate me is the combination of two of my favorite things, the beat from "Still Tippin'" and Barack Obama.