Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gettin Lif'-ted AGAIN

So I caught this track "Beast Mode" over at Spine Mag and... damn. Mr. Lif joins Akrobatik to spit over what I think is the most ridiculous club beat I've heard in a really long time. Just hearing this makes me wanna be drunk enough to dance and rub up on the ladies with the big booties. If I had one complaint about the song, it'd be that it sounds like "Pass the Courvoisier". The big difference is that this song doesn't suck.

"Beast Mode" feat. Mr. Lif by Akrobatik

and another thing that's been bothering me lately

Why is Inspectah Deck fucking awesome when he's alongside the Wu and then lame otherwise? He was my favorite in the Clan way back when, but I mean, his solo stuff is just doodoo.

this is poop
"Do My Thang" by Inspectah Deck

this is the shit

"Triumph" by the Wu Tang Clan

"ProtectYa Neck" by the Wu Tang Clan

He stars both those songs off so goddamn well, but on the new shit he sounds like a totally different rapper. I don't know what his problem is.


Sal Paradise said...

nice hate on inspecta deck...maybe he'll read this and decide to straighten up and fly right

green hornet said...

that's all i can hope for