Friday, August 25, 2006

Immortal Technique

So I had never really gotten into Immortal Technique before, even though I've had a couple tracks in my collection for a while now. I was sitting here listening to iTunes on shuffle though, and his track "Dance with the Devil" randomly came on and blew my fucking mind. I mean, tons of rappers have done songs about falling into the underworld of thugs and crime etc, "oh it's so bad, this lifestyle, even though I glorify the cock out of it", but the way Technique tells it is unlike any rendition I've ever heard, even if it is the same old story. I honestly can't even go into too much detail, cuz it's chilling enough that I'll feel weird writing about it, just believe me that it is an intense fucking tale. A little predictable maybe, but a great story and song nonetheless.

"Dance with the Devil" by Immortal Technique

There's some blank space at the end of the track before another song starts. I don't know what song that is, or if it's part of "Dance with the Devil" but it is not nearly as good.

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