Monday, August 21, 2006

there is no band

I say Roy Orbison, and you probably think of the song "Pretty Woman". But get that song out of your head for a second to hear what this guy was really about.

Crying - Roy Orbison
This song has more emotion in it's 3 minutes than most films have in 2 hours. From the opening words, to the phenomenal build up at the end of this song, Roy Orbison sounds like he is crying. His words pour out of him in such a personal way. The power of Orbison's voice keeps this from sounding like 30 years early emo. When he kicks up that falsetto at the 1:46 mark, he can bring a tear to your eye. He brings it back down and let's the band take him home in a fantasticly produced 1960s fashion. That last note he sings (on the word "you") is shiver inducing.

I'm not even really a film student (I do take alot of film classes), but I do know it is some kind of film student cliche these days to love David Lynch's film Mulholland Dr. While I try not to bow down to the alter of Lynch as most film students and professors do these days (Blue Velvet is not a masterpiece, it's barely watchable), I will say that Mulholland Dr. is an enigmatic, heavily-toned classic.. And if anyone wants to have a discussion on what the hell is going on in the film (yes, it can be that confusing), I'm always down.

Llorando (Crying) - Rebekah Del Rio
The best scene in this film is hands-down the theater scene. I won't go into explaining the scene, but the two main women go into a theater, and there is a woman who sings a Spanish version of Roy's "Crying". Her name is Rebekah Del Rio. Her version is just her singing. In the film, the song is absolutely heart-wrenching.

in case this has been too dramatic for you...

"Turtles Are No Fun"

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