Thursday, August 03, 2006

don't fuck with Papi

The title of this post along with this pic of Ortiz don't really have a point. Just don't fuck with him. On to the actual post.

So I know I am mad late in my blog hype shit here, but if it's new to me, I'm going to make it new to you. So I have been enjoying the Knife alot lately. They are a brother/sister group out of Sweden (Olof and Karin Dreijer). Here's what they look like:

Yes, they kinda frighten me too. But these Eyes Wide Shut castoffs make some damn good music. It's poppy, and you can dance to it. But it's also weird, and kinda scary sometimes. Get it? Neither do I, but I can't stop listening to it.

Heartbeats - The Knife
So this is the song that was probably on a million blogs when it was released. Released on their 2005 album Deep Cuts, this song with make you love the synth. This song is dripping with poppiness, along with the heartfelt vocal stylings of Karin Dreijer. Has a downright epic feel to it.

We Share Our Mother's Health - The Knife
On the 2006 album Silent Shout, the Knife get even more scary and more weird. They also manage to get better at what they do (which at times seems like what they do is make dance music for haunted houses). But their studio work on this song is truly impressive. Add to that the crazy vocals that apparently are all Karin, even when they get distorted beyond recognition.


More of the blog-hypey stuff I am late on, but Jose Gonzalez did a nice little acoustic version of the Knife's Heartbeats. If you just listened to the Knife's version and can't imagine that song turned into acoustic guitar fluff, check this out. It's pretty cool. Also, it was used in a Sony ad.

Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez

And Finally,

The award for funniest clip of musical video since the SNL skits (Lazy Sunday and Natalie Portman rap, GO WATCH) goes to this video made by a comic book artist out of Austin, Texas named Brad Neely. Seriously, guaranteed enjoyment.

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