Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ticky tacky

Just heard this fairly decent remix of Feist's song "Mushaboom".

Mushaboom (Postal Service remix) - Feist
The dudes in Postal Service (the awesome Jimmy Tamborello and less awesome Ben Gibbard) take the song "Mushaboom" and, for better or worse, turn it into a Postal Service song. But it's an interesting mix.

Mushaboom - Feist
Here is the original, and it's frickin' sweet. Just one of the happiest things you could ever hear.

I can't hear the song Mushaboom without thinking about another song:

Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds
Yes, for those of you who know the show, this is the theme song to the Showtime show "Weeds". I guess it's something about the common themes of quiet suburban life that tie these two songs together for me. It's also partly because of a guy with the initials D.B who really enjoys singing both songs. In truth, this song is pretty annoying, but try getting it out of your head once you've heard it.

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Sal Paradise said...

I don't know how my blog is any more personal than yours, but I do know that its more interesting. Also, a reference in your blog is almost as important as a reference from Barrytown...not important.