Tuesday, August 29, 2006

sunday, sunday, sunday

So I was at a friend's two nights ago, getting ready to watch the Sunday night bakefest block of TV (Entourage, Lucky Louie, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and I ended up watching the tail end of the show Deadwood. I haven't really gotten into the show too much, but I have to say I really think it's wack. It's like they took Sopranos throwaway scripts and dressed everybody up in cowboy suits. I mean, I'm sure cowboys swore all the time, but did they really say cocksucker and motherfucker? Anyway, over the credits they played a version of "Mary, Don't You Weep" that was kind of bad. Not awful, just kind of uninteresting. It totally would have been much better, although probably less fitting, if they'd used this version.

"Mary, Don't You Weep" by Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers

Maybe it's just because I've been listening to mad Sam Cooke again lately, but hearing another rendition of it was pretty offensive to my ears.

"You Send Me" by Sam Cooke

For some reason, whenever I've been listening to Mr. Cooke, this seems to be the song that ends up stuck in my head. I could sing this song to myself all day, it's such a simple, beautiful melody.

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