Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dane vs. Louis

First off, Conor Oberst is pretty much a hack. Now, people like Green Hornet will tell you I haven't heard enough of him, and that may be true. But I think I've heard enough. I also think posting about Bright Eyes, Paris Hilton music, and comic books all in a 5 days span might make you suck.

I might just be bitter from the band dork comments.

Anyways, I think Dane Cook is one of the worst humans in the world. He is not funny. I'm sorry, but saying a bad joke LOUDER or in a funny voice does not make it a better joke. I understand the need for original delivery, but the content has to be there.

But now I have another reason to hate Dane Cook. He is a thief.

Louis C.K. currently has what I believe to be the funniest sitcom on TV, HBO's Lucky Louis. I've heard alot of bad feed back about this show from people who watched the first episode or two, which were a little rough. But I promise that you should stick with it, it is hysterical.

Anyways, Dane Cook has stolen from Louis C.K. and I have proof:

Dane vs. Louis

If you are a Dane fan, sorry to burst your bubble, but listen to that (and yes, Louis C.K. was telling those jokes years before Dane Cook released Relatiation).


Just so you don't think this post is completely void of actual content (free songs), I wanted to discuss the biggest midget in the game.

Recently, Lady Sovereign was ripped a little by a writer of this very blog. I am here to defend her. Now, she was once the embodimentnt of Grime, and represented everything good about the genre. Just listen to this remix of Cha Ching:

Cha Ching (Cheque 1, 2 Remix) - Lady Sovereign
To me, this is THE grime song. Everything that is (or should I say WAS) good about this genre is in this song.

Now, Lady Sov's buzz has cooled off. She is on Def Jam now, and her album is taking forever to come out (although she personally told Sal Paradise over at Rear Window it will be out in September). Also, the stuff that has come out early from that album is not the same stuff from Lady Sov.

Love Me or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign
The beat here isn't very grime. It's a little too danceable, and somewhat weak overall. But Sov still has charisma to spare. She works this song like all the others: by rapping about nothing, but doing it with attitude.

I am holding hope that the new album won't be complete sellout city. But I might just be saying that because she is such a cutey.


Anonymous said...

The flyers that were up when I saw her had the album release pushed back to October. and I forgot to mention it when i gave a synopsis of the show, but she did mention that there's going to be a missy elliot remix of one of her songs coming out soon. I forget which song.

Sal Paradise said...

Yes it is true that i was promised a September release. It is also true that she was probably scared of the creepy American kid, wearing the England shirt, who probably smelled funny, at Heathrow...