Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my hips have been known to stretch the truth

If you recognize this butt, then I'll fucks with you.

That is none other than the love of my life, Ms. Shakira Bootypopper. I have to say that I've been a fan of hers since "Whenever, Wherever" was big on the radio. A Spanish teacher I had at the time played us the Spanish language version of the song, and I gotta say it was a lot more enjoyable (and I swear I'm not just saying that because it's the more obscure version, I promise). Sometimes when she's singing in English, Shakira tends to sound like a graduate of the Helen Keller school of vocal work, but when she sings in Spanish it's totally different. She sounds completely comfortable and not like someone with a gash in their tongue. So with that said, I still enjoy her when she sings in English, so when I heard the trumpets from "Hips Don't Lie" on the radio tonight, I naturally left it on. It turned out that I was tuned into Mega noventa siete punto nueve and that I was listening to a Spanish version of the song, entitled "Será, Será (Las Caderas No Mienten)". Even Wyclef drops mad spanish on you. It's awesome. Just hearing her in Spanish is like a boner jam in my ears and pants. Plus, I love the phrase "que será, será". I used to be a Spanish major and I used to lay pipe on a Spanish broad, so maybe I should know what it means, but I really only have a strong suspicion that it means, "what will be, will be". I'm pretty sure I'm right, just not positive. Anyway, I like it better than the English version, listen for yourself.

"Será, Será (Las Caderas No Mienten)" feat. Wyclef Jean by Shakira

"Hips Don't Lie" feat. Wyclef Jean by Shakira

"La Tortura" feat. Alejandro Sanz by Shakira

That last song is another one of my favorites. I had to watch the music video thirteen times before I even realized there was music going on though. She's just too distracting.


MC Abstract Douchipster said...

so if shakira's song is "hips DONT lie", then why is the name of your post alluding to the fact that your hips DO lie

i might be splitting hairs here

Sal Paradise said...

i couldnt agree more with anything ever. I want to hump on that butt, in high school i fell in love with a girl because she vaguely reminded me of shakira...i called her shakira..publicly...i like this chick

Anonymous said...

just because shakira's hips don't lie doesn't mean that my hips have the same high moral standards