Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Legend. Because I can't let the most recent entry be about the Used for too long.

It's really hit me recently how spoiled I've been over the past few years in terms of always having a computer. Now that my only computer is completely riddled with viruses and spyware (damn you, free porno sites), I'm basically confined to on-campus computer labs. So I guess I'm still more spoiled than most. It astounds me that I once attended a school where the cost of one class was greater than the tuition for an entire semester at my current school, yet the computers at this school are much nicer (Fuck you Seton Hall, thumbs up CUNY system).

But I digress.

Anyways, a couple nights ago, a friend invited me to a free open bar. She works at z100, so she was able to snag tickets to an event at Pascha sponsored by Pepsi. I'm never one to poo-poo some free drinks, and we hadn't hung out in a while, so I said, "sure thing." Once I met her, I find out that John Legend is scheduled to perform. Awesome.

I've always liked John Legend, so that was a pretty cool thing to hear. But before I get into his performance, let's talk about how great the open bar was. It was pretty difficult getting service, but I'm no club rat, so I'm just not used to that. It's hard to complain when you're waiting to be served free shit. I'm thinking it's going to be an open bar of beers or all bottom shelf, limited selection, that sort of thing. Nope. They were popping bottles of champagne, pouring Hennessey and pepsi, grey goose, energy drinks, any kinds of beer, all sorts of things you wouldn't expect from an open bar. They weren't serving shots, but they WERE serving triple shots on the rocks. At one point I was wandering around with a highball glass completely full of patron in one hand and a corona in the other. I was living the life, let me tell you. Now, back to the music.

Before Legend went on there was a female vocalist named Estelle. She seemed to have a British accent, and she seemed pretty good, but unfortunately I have no interest in any Estelles that aren't Estelle Getty. So that's all the time I'm going to spend on her set.

When I described John Legend to my roommate who was unfamiliar with him, I said, "he's a contemporary R&B singer who works with a lot of popular acts like Kanye West, but he's a little bit more WPLG than Hot97," and it's true. For whatever reason, all the middle aged ladies at my old job loved John Legend and I feel like he's totally under appreciated by folks my age. You wouldn't have known it from being at Pascha that night, though. The crowd was wild for the man, and he delivered a hell of a show. I'd always considered "Heaven" to be my jam, but seeing everything live really brought me around on the song "Slow Dance". It didn't hurt that he brought a lady of the thicker variety up on stage to dance with him, something I tend to admire.

Here's him performing the song at Albert Hall.

I was already a fan of the man before the show, but his live presence really showed a depth to him as a musician that I was not entirely aware of. I implore anyone reading this to give him a good deep listen, and if you have the chance, to see him live. He only gets better the more you listen.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Curse

I love to whistle, plain and simple.

The only problem with it is that sometimes I do it without realizing it. This brings about some slightly embarrassing situations, like the time I caught myself whistling Celine Dion's Titanic song while I was working construction. Usually it's not so much embarrassment, however, and more of, "why the hell am I whistling that?"

Origin Story:
A few years back (spring 2005 to be precise), I was living with a really fun group of people. I had a cool roommate and a crazy girlfriend (in the good way, at that point). We hung out a lot with another girl who lived next door and with another couple that basically lived downstairs. Things were pretty wild for that spring and it was a lot of fun. There was only one problem. That problem was a band called the used.

I didn't care much for the band one way or the other. I didn't really see them as very special or particularly offensive. Everyone else I hung out with loved them. So I was stuck listening to them a lot. Things basically came to a point when I was sleeping in the back seat of my car on the way home from a spring break trip. While I was sleeping, the Used was being played in my CD player. I'm okay with that, I'm sleeping. The only problem was that after I woke up and took over driving again, the CD player seemed to be broken and wouldn't stop playing the CD. It was awful. That's pretty much what drove me crazy with disgust for the band.

Back to Present Day:
Times change and I haven't seen any of those kids in quite some time. I did talk to my former roommate last night though. As it usually happens when I think about that group, I got the Used stuck in my head. Now, they won't leave. All day, I've been catching myself whistling their song "I Caught Fire" and it's driving me mad.

Listen to it and share my pain. I wish this chorus wasn't so catchy.