Tuesday, September 12, 2006

we're back

How great it is that we are back. I'm know you're excited. So I am gonna give my own little list of songs from the summer. I meant to just put up my favorite songs from the summer regardless of when they came out, but it ended up being all songs from the summer.

1. Pull Shapes - Pipettes
This song will lift your spirits no matter what. Happiness in musical form. What's it about? Loving music and how it makes you dance. Speaking of dancing, try listening to this song when you are in a car alone, YOU WILL DANCE. It is involuntary. You can't help it. If you think I'm lieing, wait until the singer asks: "is that a drum beat?" The ensuing drum part is a one way ticket to dance city.

2. In The Morning - Junior Boys
One of my first posts on this blog was about this song. It's off the new album that comes out today, and it should be a good one. This song needs to be heard on a dance floor (maybe I just love to dance by myself in a car) and that synth line at the 3 minute mark still has my ears ejaculating.

3. Watermelon vs. The Pineapple - Xiu Xiu
This song is also from an album that comes out today. Usually Jamie Stewart's voice is really intense and creepy. Here it's barely less intense, and maybe more creepy. But as far as artsy indie shit that your Young Jeezy lovin' roommate would hate goes, this is fantastic. Underneath it all, this song can be both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

4. A Public Affair - Jessica Simpson
I'm on some cheesy radio shit right here, but man I love this song. I really am not a Jessica Simpson fan (TV shows, music, and her looks included), but I just can't help but enjoy this song.

5. Another Sunny Day - Belle and Sebastian
I didn't put this list in any order, but this song is an unofficial number one. My favorite song from my favorite album of the summer right here. Murdoch's voice builds a little intensity with every line of the song and by the time he gets to the last verse he just melts your heart. This whole album was so good it really could have taken up all 5 songs on this list.

So that's the list. Left off were about 20 different songs by The Knife, new TV on the Radio, along with new Mountain Goats songs, and looking back over it I can't believe I left off Voxtrot, but that's the list. Oh, and this summer I also decided WWE wrestling isn't good anymore.

BTW, I am totally into Young Jeezy, too. (definitely watch this clip, maybe not the best made-for-youtube clip ever, but worth it to see Michelangelo dancing in a club)

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green hornet said...

young jeezy kind of looks like a ninja turtle there