Thursday, September 14, 2006

Girl Groups: The Story of a Sound

So I'm pushing back the top 5 list a little bit because I want to talk about this documentary I watched last night called Girl Groups: The Story of a Sound. First off, I have to say that anyone who has a chance to catch it, should do so. I was a little letdown by the lack of Crystals stuff and Bobb B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, but I think it may have been intentional. Darlene Love talked about how Phil Spector owned the names of most of the bands he produced, and would often release Darlene Love songs with different (or the same) groupings of backup singers and bill them as the Crystals or Bobb. B Soxx..., etc etc. They focused a good amount on how Phil Spector is basically fucking nuts and fucking talented, which was good to see. They also had a ridiculous amount of great performances, including a live version of "Be My Baby" that is the tastiest thing I've ever seen/heard.

Okay, so I already loved the Ronettes, but this movie really reminded me again. I mean, they were little badasses. Instead of singing "I love him, I love him..." etc, it was "I love you". It's totally saucier to sing to the boys instead of about the boys. There was also a great clip of Ronnie, Estelle, and Nedra doing a cover of "Shout!".

If Ronnie's voice could be visualized, I think it'd be Nedra's dancing. Schawiiiing. I was searching for these videos online and I came across a really goofy video of the Ronettes lipsynching to the song for a "stay in school" video. Man if you thought they were sexy before, just imagine what they look like waving sandwiches at you. Double hot. The full video isn't on youtube, but you can check it out at the Media Funhouse Blog. Oh and one last Ronettes note, Ronnie Spector is going to be at BB Kings in December and I know I'll be there.

The documentary also reminded me of how much Diana Ross looks like an alien with a great set of pipes.

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