Monday, September 25, 2006

Mmm, dark meat.

So although I check You Ain't No Picasso nearly everyday, I can't say I'm really crazy about it. I tend to skip over a lot. I have to say though, that every now and then, they hook me up with quite the gem. I wouldn't have my love of Bishop Allen if it wasn't for YANP and I might not have heard "Angel of Meth" by Dark Meat. This song is just crazy. At first you're like, oh okay this is a Navajo tribe, and then you're thinking, oh wait no did I catch a case of the mexicali blues?, and then before you know it you're hogtied behind some redneck bar and Dark Meat has stolen your trendy girljeans and track jacket. Aright, I gotta admit that doesn't really make sense, but trust me this song rules as much as that statement is absurd.


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