Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Most Important Song of All Time

Not only is the see saw melody of this song incredible, but without this song, the love of my love would've never started making music. When a young Veronica Bennett heard this song, she immediately knew she wanted to be a singer. Finding out that Frankie was just thirteen years old at the time was even more encouraging, it meant that anyone could get out there and make a record, no matter what age. So when Bennett first met Phil Spector, he asked her to sing him a song. She said she didn't really know anything other than Frankie Lymon tunes, so he told her to sing that. She started in with, "Why do birds sing so gay..." and the rest as they say is history. So since Veronica Bennett grew up to be Ronnie Spector, the most important singer ever, it only makes sense to say that "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" is the most important song of all time. There's also been a movie on HBO a lot lately of the same title, and apparently it's about a bunch of women claiming to be Frankie Lymon's widows. I haven't watched it though.

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