Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And after all this, won't you give me a smile?

I caught the tail end of a show on VH1 Classic today called Protest Video Hour. Kthulu knows I love me some rabble rousing, so I was pretty pysched. I got to see the last three videos of the show. Two of them were John Lennon videos. Two??? Are you really that lazy, VH1, that you need to go to John Lennon not once but twice within the last 10 minutes of the show? The other video I caught was "London Calling" and ya know what, I love "London Calling", but come on isn't that an obvious choice? I mean, I guess "Rock the Casbah" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" would be more obvious, but "London Calling" is like the "obviously trying to not seem obvious" choice. So anyway, today I'm here with...

5 youtube.com examples of the Clash being Awesome
(as usual, in no particular order)


This is my number 3 song off of London Calling ("Spanish Bombs" is number 1, then comes "Train in Vain"). It has a much stronger spirit of protest than London Calling and I happen to think it rocks a little bit harder.


"Police and Thieves"
I think most times you ask me, this is my favorite cover song that the Clash did. The original Junior Murvin version is great too.

"This is Radio Clash"
Wherein the Clash get funky.

"Protex Blue"
This song was only on the UK release of the Clash's self titled album, which happens to be my favorite Clash album. The video here is kinda shitty, but the song quality is surprisingly good.

"Spanish Bombs"
Here it is, my favorite off of London Calling. This is from some Spanish documentary, so there's a guy speaking spanish over some of it.

"Where it Started (NY)"
Okay, you might be saying, "Hey that's not the Clash" and you're right. This is the full version of the DJ Hi-Tek video that Raekwon the Chef was cut out of. Just a warning, don't play this one with the volume up. The first 45 seconds are a test pattern with an annoying beep.

In other news, Aaron McGruder pulls a Chappelle.


Passion of the Weiss said...

Rock the Casbah might be obvious but it makes it no less awesome...any video with Joe Strummer...dancing sheiks and crazy opposums is a-okay in my book..I've always thought Combat Rock was criminally underrated. Granted, it's not nearly as good as their first three albums but it's still got a half dozen pure gems on it.

green hornet said...

"Know Your Rights" and "Straight to Hell" are reason enough to love that album.