Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Summer songs, again.

Yousendit.com decided to start working, so here are your free downloads (I changed my mind and tried to download the Cassie song, and seriously every time I downloaded it, it was 20 min. or so of silence. ). So just to reiterate,







"Stop! The Love You Save May Be Your Own" by the Jackson 5


"Dollar Day for New Orleans... Katrina Klap" by Mos Def

That Mos song has a cool dub vibe to it and speaking of dub vibes, I've really been digging this RJ song lately.

I love the way it just chugs and chugs along and then out of nowhere the transmission just drops onto the highway, and you're crawling along with the spaced out dub section. It's great.

Coming up next time on Cigar Box Guitars, the first installment in my list of the 5 albums that were the most influential to my love of music, plus MC Abstract Douchipster's guide to getting out those hard to remove stains on your pants.

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