Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That's That M.I.A. Slang

First of all, I changed the .wav files from yesterday's post to mp3 files. If anyone had trouble downloading them it should be easier now.

So until I start a job somewhere else, I think my posts are gonna degenerate into "what cool record I bought today" and I think I'm going to enjoy it. Yesterday when I was checking out, the owner told me I should check out his $1.99 bin, so today when I went back during lunch, I started flipping through. I saw a Dr. Buzzard's Original "Savannah" Band LP and snatched it up, knowing that M.I.A. and Ghostface had both sampled their song "Sunshower" for their songs "Sunshowers" and "Ghostshowers", respectively. It turned out to be the album with "Sunshower" on it, so I bought it with a handful of spare change. The original version sounds so crazy compared to its successors. The beat remains the same, and a couple cool drum sounds from M.I.A.'s version are plucked right from the original, but the original is incredibly dense with sound. I really enjoyed it and it was cool to listen to, already being familiar with the work it inspired.

"Sunshower" by Dr. Buzzard's Original "Savannah" Band

"Sunshowers" by M.I.A.

"Ghostshowers" by Ghostface Killah

While I was listening to the record, I noticed there's a song called "Cherchez La Femme, Si Se Bon" and sure enough it's the inspiration for "Cher Chez La Ghost". It looks like Ghostface was a pretty big Dr. Buzzard fan.

"Cherchez La Femme" by Dr. Buzzard's Original "Savannah" Band

"Cher Chez La Ghost" by Ghostface Killah

Also, Otis Redding's version of "Respect" is awesome. Just like Otis. Almost always, when I'm writing about a song, I have it playing, just so my writing is a little more on point. I just want everyone to know that as I write this, as I listen to Otis, I am dancing my ass off. At least, as much rock is possible from a sitting, typing, position.

"Respect" by Otis Redding

Sometimes it seems like this blog's title should be adjusted to "Cigar-Box Guitars, starring Ghostface Killah and the Wu Tang Clan". I don't really see a problem here, I'm just saying.

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