Thursday, July 27, 2006

Band Geek Mafia

So I know I just trashed him the other day, but I have to come back and say that despite the downright silliness of the afore-quoted comment, I am really enjoying this track "International Swagger". Apparently it's a bonus track on the Japanese version of his new album. Bong Bong. Thanks for the link to Spine Magazine, a site I visit everyday.

"International Swagger" by Pharrell

I think one of Pharrell's main cool points is that he was in the high school band and that he was a drummer.

See the drummers are always the only cool ones in the High School Band, relative to the rest of the band that is. I was a drummer in high school, till my teen angst was just too much for the man to handle and I quit. This is one of the main reasons that I'm cooler than MC Abstract Douchipster, since his High School Band time didn't involve rebellious quitting or the drums.


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