Monday, July 24, 2006

Pharrell Pontificates, The President Snorts, Phonte Guest Stars, and the Nico is in the spotlight.

"That was stupid," Williams now says of the single's ill-timed release. "But it was also about being an artist and not giving a fuck. Warhol didn't give a fuck. Basquiat didn't give a fuck . They cared about how they moved the culture."
-Pharrell Williams
on the release of his single
"Can I have it like that?"
roughly 6 months before
the album's release

Okay, I couldn't say I'm the biggest fan of Pharrell, but I do like a lot of stuff he does. Either way, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Pharrell is being downright silly comparing himself to Warhol and Basquiat. I mean, maybe you could make a case somewhere, maybe with a shoe he designed, but he's talking about a Gwen Stefani song here. Damn, man.

This Silly left wing propaganda has some G0! Team in the credits. Check it out.

I heard a DJ Shadow track today with the vocals provided by Phonte from Little Brother. This song is cool as hell. As the track continues, it goes further and further into the blues, and farther away from hip hop. Clocking in around seven and a half minutes, this is a really interesting move by DJ Shadow. I don't wanna give away the surprise, but the last line of the song is so key.

"Backstage Girl" feat. Phonte by DJ Shadow

This list of the "50 Most Influential Albums" was brought to my attention by the Douchiest of Hipsters. Although I don't agree with every number on the list (Sorry, I have to throw that in just to keep pretension levels high here at Cigarbox-Guitars. Not that it's ever been a problem.), but it is a really well put together list.


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