Wednesday, July 19, 2006

foxy with a capital F

I refuse to hear anyone disagree with the following statement:

Bjork = sexy

The best thing about her is her music though. It's weird, seductive, artsy, danceable, and a million other adjectives all at once. But her weirdest moment came before her solo career

Top of the World - Sugarcubes
Bjork was originally a child pop star in her native Iceland. She was eventually with this group of more Icelandic people who released this sugary Carpenters song. I think I sense a good amount of irony, but Bjork still sells the inherent happiness of this song nicely without it sounding overly sarcastic. The weird thing is to hear the woman we know for her industrial/electronic beats and lyrics full of surrealism and sexual imagery to be singing this song.

Possibly Maybe - Bjork
Here we go. This is more like it. Somehow in a 5 minute song, Bjork goes from having a crush on a guy ("your flirt finds me out/teases the crack in me"), to dating the guy and looking forward to the future ("uncertainty excites me baby/who knows what's going to happen"). By the next verse, the couple is already having problems ("electrics shocks?/i love them/with you a dozen a day"), and in the verse after that, it's over("i'm exhausted/leave me alone"). The last verse of the song is after the relationship as she spites him ("since we broke up i'm using lipstick again"). We get a description of a before, during, and after a relationship in this song. And, although I have listened to this song a million times in my life, the vocal delivery still gives me chills at certain points.

While I am on the subject of Mrs. Matthew Barney, I want to recommend the 2000 movie "Dancer in the Dark" by Lars von Trier in which she is the star. The fact that Bjork didn't win every award available to her that year is a travesty as she was absolutely fantastic in the film. Also, 5 bucks to anyone who can honestly watch the movie and not shed a tear.

One more thing before I leave.

A band was recently bashed by the Green Hornet, and I would like to defend them. Alright, so maybe not defend them, but I like them and I don't care. Face paint! Metal! Come on! Don't make me pull out my signed Ozzfest shirt from the summer after 10th grade. And so, just because I know how much it will piss off Green Hornet, I will post one of the best songs from the 2000 classic album L.D. 50.

Cradle - Mudvayne

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