Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hoo! war!

I owe Spine Magazine for directing my attention to this article over at The Observer. It's all about foreign war correspondents and the music they listen to. I thought it was interesting as hell. I was kinda bummed they referenced the Sex Pistols, since they suck, but at least they didn't mention them in name.

I don't like Gnarls Barkley. I will concede, however, that performing with a bigass band full of star wars characters is pretty awesome.
I mean, you can't really go wrong playing music in weird getups. Gwar, The Misfits, Plan 9 (ohmygod, there's a link to their myspace right on the sidebar!), Daft Punk, umm Gwar again... all prime examples of why costumes, helmets, facepaint, anything of that nature are cool. Unless you're slipknot or mudvayne or orgy... okay so I guess it's not so much a rule.

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