Wednesday, July 19, 2006

thanks for the heads up, talib

Okay, so Talib mentioned on his myspace blog that Mos Def is currently recording with Madlib. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel raunchy as hell in the pants. I love me some madlib, and I love me some mos def, so I'm hoping I'll love Moslib even more.

"Sex Freaks" by Jaylib ( J dilla with Madlib )

"Peeyano Keys" by MadVillian ( Metal Fingered Villian with Madlib )

"Six Days" remix feat. Mos Def by DJ Shadow
( Mos Def and DJ Shadow without Madlib )

So yeah, all these songs are awesome and listening to them now is going to be even nicer, because everytime I do, I'll get that little sparkle in my eye thinking about the forthcoming Mos Def / Madlib project.


I have been digging Page France for a little while now. I actually got into them at first when I heard their song "Jesus", but today I was listening to music on shuffle and another song by them came on. It has kind of a beatle-y piano line -not neccessarily a bad thing- and there's a cool intro with a really heavily distorted electric guitar over a super clean acoustic. Give it a listen.

"Antarctica (my beloved home)" by Page France

"Jesus" by Page France

aaaand lastly,
if Mr. Douchipster is going to recommend Björk's movie, (yeah that's right, I used the umlauts. Yeah those dots are called umlauts. whatup.) then I get to recommend her husband, Mr. Matthew Barney's movie Cremaster 3. I don't really even know how to explain it, it's so weird. It showed at the Guggenheim as part of an exhibit. It's honestly too artsy for me to really even get into, I didn't understand it, I just kinda thought everything looked cool. Oh and also I was an extra in the scene where Agnostic Front and Murphy's Law play. So ya know.

and fuck mudvayne.

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