Wednesday, October 11, 2006

two more gallants, eef, reconciled beef, etc

So I mentioned last night that Two Gallants are capable of rocking out a little harder than they do on the two tracks I linked to. Here's a great example of them rocking, and a rolling too.

"Las Cruces Jail" by Two Gallants

There's a guest post at Said the Gramaphone by Eef Barzelay and it made me realize I've never professed my love for him here. Well, here it comes. I really like Eef Barzelay. I guess I just professed my like, but I don't know, love's a serious word. I never really got into his band, Clem Snide, but I feel like maybe I should, since I enjoy his solo stuff so much.

"Ballad of Bitter Honey" by Eef Barzelay

After a good amount of time spent hating on the man, I've finally found some Bonnie "Prince" Billy songs that I like. This is one of them.


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