Sunday, October 15, 2006

that's all she wrote

CBGB finally closes its doors tonight. I wanted to get to one of the last shows, the Bad Brains / Bouncing Souls show specifically, but ticket prices were jacked up so Hilly Kristal can have some extra cash to fund his CBGB Las Vegas venture. Fuck that. I caught at least two shows there that I can remember, a Madball show in high school and then a Ted Leo show when I was a freshman in college. The Madball show was their first in NYC after they got back together, incredible fucking show. Usually the worst part about hardcore shows is the opening bands, but every band that night was on point. If I remember correctly, Awkward Thought and On the Rise went on before Madball. This picture's actually from that very show. There used to be a bunch of them on their website, with yours truly right up front. The pictures were taken after I got punched in the face though, so I wasn't looking super photogenic.

The Ted Leo show was totally different. It was a Lookout! Records showcase and every band aside from Ted and his Pharmacists was poo. The Douchipster and I were standing through the whole thing and tired as hell, but when Ted hit the stage it was absolutely worth it.

"The Sword in the Stone" by Ted Leo
"Under the Hedge" by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

So, another piece of NYC history is gone, along with Coney Island and the Wetlands. It's sad to see a place with so many stories closing, but let's be honest it had quite a punjent odor and the Continental is a better venue anyway. Any five shots for $10 is a deal and a half if you ask me. Not that I've been there since I've turned 21, but still.

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