Thursday, October 26, 2006

American Hardcoh

I was rocking my way through google reader and I came across a pitchfork review of a recently released Hardcore retrospective, which was kind of a shock. The comp is the soundtrack to the recently released Hardcore documentary, American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986. I started reading up on the movie and it really looks like its worth checking out. I mean, they interview Keith Morris and Henry Rollins, so how can it not be entertaining?

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always bursting a vein of some sort

I would post a video here of the trailer for the movie, but it's in a widescreen format and I think it'd be missing something if I just found a youtube version. The official movie website is very cool though and worth checking out. I can't imagine how hard it would be to make a good documentary on Hardcore music, the genre and scene as a whole are so scatterbrained. You have far right politics and far left politics, hard line straight edge and boozehound fighting mentalities. Things are stripped down and fast, then they're sloooowed way down and solos are being riffed with much ferocity. Everyone stresses Unity, but there's also a strong seperatist feeling towards anyone outside the scene and at times even people in other regional hardcore scenes. What other genre could have an album called Strength Through Unity with a track called "Bullet for Every Enemy"? It's chaotic, which makes perfect sense.

The soundtrack has a good amount of classics on it. These songs are some of the soundtrack choices, with some of my own personal favorites thrown in(I'll leave off the madball since I just posted them like 10 seconds ago).

The Fast and the Furious:

Slow and Steady:

Nihilistic, Hedonistic:

Hugs, not Drugs:

West Coast:

East Coast:

Misconstrued Right Wing Politics:

Straightforward Left Wing Cop Hating, Sometimes Misconstrued as Right Wing Cop Hating:

"Police Beat" by SSD

Oh and maybe I should mention the BEST HARDCORE COVER SONG EVER.

Also, next Thursday, you should tune into channel 7 to catch Ugly Betty. The executive producer just so happens to be my favorite person, Ms. Salma Hayek.

She also just so happens to be taking her shirt off in the previews for next week's episode. I know I'm tuning in. Number 3 on the countdown comes as soon as I can find my CD book!

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