Friday, October 13, 2006


So my posts have become less frequent, which is sad. Times are mad hectic with work, school, and being a dudebro, keg-sucking, frat-bro. But regardless of what's going on, I can still find time to shake my ass to some of that ill sticky shit:

Bump - Spank Rock
Rick Rubin - Spank Rock
Once again I am behind the times on this. The album dropped in May or something, and after 3 different people recommended it this summer, I finally listened this to this guy. OH MAN, what was I thinking waiting that long?

I have been conducting a test with the song "Bump". Try it at home. Find a time when you and some people are hanging out and without calling attention to yourself, put that song on. 90% percent of the room will make some sort of movement to this song (the other 10% have no souls, or are scientologists).

I am also really happy that Green Hornet found a Bonnie Billy song he digs. It inspired me to post this creepy ass cover:

Ignition (R. Kelly cover) - Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney

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