Monday, October 02, 2006

Knowledge Reigns Supreme

My first exposure to KRS-One came through the Sublime song, aptly titled, "KRS-One".

Aside from the Wu, I didn't really get into Hip Hop much until I was into high school, so it was a while before I finally heard him on a track from a lyricist lounge comp called "CIA (Criminals in Action)".

Man, I loved that fucking song. It had Zach from Rage and Last Emperor, the former being one of the idols of my younger days and the latter just fucking astounding me with his flow. Today, I was listening to music on my laptop and I realized that I was listening to the song they sampled in "CIA".

It's called "La Murga" and it's by Willie Colón, tromboner, bandleader, and one of the pioneers of the so called "New York Sound" of Latin music. The strings on this song are awesome and the trombones that make up the sample have such a heavy badass sound.

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