Sunday, October 01, 2006

les saaavy fav

One of my favorite bands in high school, and they still kick ass. Sweet ass post-punk stuff, and a crazy ass lead singer (that's him on the left in the picture).

In These Woods - Les Savy Fav
Their best work is probably this 5 song E.P. called Rome (written upside down). Production keeps a high energy feeling, which is supposed to reflect their live performance. I missed them live freshman year of college. I was supposed to see them at the Knitting Factory, stayed through the Hold Steady set (really a great set) and had to leave to catch the last train to Jersey. They are at the top of bands I want to see.

Rebrobate's Resume - Les Savy Fav
Few opening lines are as recognizable to me as this song's:

Blessed be the doctor, blessed be the nurse

This is the better version of this song on the extremely solid singles comp Inches rather than the original version on the sometimes weak album Go Forth. The cymbals towards the end just are a frenzy that make this song sound like a live recording.

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