Monday, October 23, 2006


Anybody remember a little while back when I said I was starting to come around regarding Papoose?

note: his left hand holding the camera up to the mirror was cropped out

Yeah, forget it. Honestly, I know I'm from the suburbs, but even I'm pretty sure that you get your ghetto pass revoked when you rap about computer networking. What would the Weird Al Parody be for this? Would he just talk about selling coke? It's too bad, cuz the beat is kind of awesome, but I really don't need Papoose telling me "Tom is a Genius!"

One other thing, I was in the bronx today, like 2 blocks from my job, and I heard someone speaking spanish with a chinese accent. I could understand and everything, it was definitely spanish, but they were just speaking with all that intense inflection that chinese has. It sounded almost as crazy as

The idea of a US/UK hip hop crossover makes me tingly, of course, but this really wasn't what I had in mind. Did Sway actually say to himself, "Hmmm, what would make this little derek b-side better? I'm really liking this double album that consists entirely of Mike Jones and Paul Wall disses, so maybe I should call up Chamillionaire and see if he wants to have a spot of tea." I hope he said the spot of tea part. I want there to be an election for new ambassadors of hip hop to the UK. Rhymefest and Chamillionaire have got to go. I vote Q-Tip.

#4 on my influential albums list coming tonight. Stay Tuned!

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