Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let's Play Some Beirut, Brosef!

No, that's not exactly what I meant. I was thinking more along the lines of this little scamp.
The indie wunderkid we see here was born Zach Condon, although he's most recently recorded under the band name, Beirut. The other night I was watching IFC and I caught a short segment with Zach explaining how he wanted this whole album (Beirut's debut Gulag Orkestar) to sound drunk, like a meltdown. Seeing as I like nothing more than drunken meltdowns, I thought to check the album out, and it's nothing short of awesome. There's definitely a Neutral Milk Hotel vibe, but is that ever a bad thing? Besides, the two bands do have the common link of Jeremy Barnes, who pounded skins for both. If you stop focusing on the NMH similarities though, you can hear so many other sounds in this stuff. There's moments where you have an irish thing going on, and there's a big gypsy undercurrent, but then all of sudden there's these little Mariachi bursts, and the whole time it's apparent that this guy loves his Magnetic Fields. As well we all should. I could go on forever about this guy, but you listening to his songs is going to do a hell of a lot more than me rambling about them.

"Postcards from Italy" by Beirut
"Scenic World" by Beirut
"The Canals of our City" by Beirut

Kerrang! magazine put out a list of the 50 greatest punk albums of all time, and it's complete ass. First of all, they included Bad Brains Rock For Light over their self titled effort, even though a number of the tracks off of Rock for Light are just redone versions of songs on Bad Brains.

"Pay to Cum" by Bad Brains
"Banned in D.C." by Bad Brains

Then there's the fact that not one but TWO(!) Green Day albums made the list and they weren't even Kerplunk! or 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. While Dookie was the first CD I ever owned (my dad bought it for me when I was in the fourth grade), it is not the second greatest punk album of all time. I don't even want to talk about the fact that Nimrod clocked in at number 47, that album shouldn't be on a list of "Every Punk Album Ever" let alone a list of the best ones. Seriously man, "Time of your Life" was on that album. If something was played at more than 500 middle and high school graduations it should be disqualified from a list like this. They even had the gall to rank albums by the Stiff Little Fingers and the Buzzcocks below Dookie. Ridiculous.

"Alternative Ulster" by the Stiff Little Fingers
"What do I get" by the Buzzcocks
"Suspect Device" by the Stiff Little Fingers
"I Don't Mind" by the Buzzcocks

Then there's the fact that they put Never Mind the Bollocks... at number 1, but arguing that is a losing fight. I feel like I'm Will Ferrell in Zoolander when no one else realizes that Ben Stiller only has one look. Why doesn't anyone in the punk community stand up and admit that the Sex Pistols fucking suck??? God damn they were assembled by a manager with a specific goal of an image, for chrissakes they're the fucking Monkees. Except I like the Monkees better.

I could go on forever here (Putting not that punk albums on by Nirvana and Sublime when both had output with much stronger punk influence, same goes for Blink 182) but I'm gonna stop before I have a fucking brain aneurysm.

End transmission.


MC Abstract Douchipster said...

someone is up in a tower on this post, and i agree about the stupidity of this list, but you probably enjoyed the fact that the getup kids are on it

and at least the stooges are on it

Anonymous said...

nahhh as much as I love the get up kids, they definitely don't deserve a top 50 spot. I mean, I never even really thought of them as a punk rock band. GQ actually had a thing about the past 30 years in punk last month and it was leaps and bounds better than this kerrang list.

floodwatch said...

Oh my God. I've finally found solidarity with someone regarding the utter fucking joke that the Sex Pistols were. I couldn't agree with you more. It's us against the world, friend.

Great post.