Thursday, November 16, 2006

File under X... or E.

I was pretty disappointed when I missed the Knife's Webster Hall show a little while back. I have really been digging on the Knife a lot lately and Webster Hall is basically the coolest place ever, so I was pretty excited for the show, right up until it sold out. I heard that their live performance was kind of lackluster, lots of using the laptop and such, but that didn't really ease my pain any. I stumbled across some youtubery today of them performing live and now I'm even more bummed about missing the show.

Trippy as balls is what that looks like, I think I need to head out to foreign lands so I can catch one of their shows.

Mixed, Remixed, Remixmixed.
I've been enjoying the Ratatat remix a lot lately, even spinning it a little bit more than the original. In general, Ratatat is doing good things for me these days. I'll definitely be elaborating on them and 9 beats in the future. As for the Trentemoller Remix... eh. I suppose it's tolerable., but I'm not feeling it nearly as much as either of these other two.

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