Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In Which Kelly Clarkson ups her Shitkicker Quotient...

So according to the man (as in "damn the ___", not "you da ___"), former Minuteman and current stooge Mike Watt has already started laying down some bass tracks for Kelly Clarkson's next album.

"It's Expected I'm Gone" by the Minutemen
(sublime samples those drums for "get out")

"Corona" by the Minutemen
(I know you recognize the beginning of this song)

"The Red and The Black" by the Minutemen

I'm pretty sure I had a wet dream just like this, except in my dream Ted Leo was there too. Him and mike were back to back, with Kelly in between, all three of them leaning in and singing into one mic, a rock and roll sandwich. Ya know what, I think I'll hit the hay as soon as I finish typing this, and maybe then my dream trio can rock me on to morning once again.

"Since U Been Gone" by Ted Leo

I'm hoping something like this will figure into the dream too.

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