Monday, November 27, 2006

I Get Off!

So I think I discovered the next generation "I touch myself".

Her name's Olinda Cordova, she's a self proclaimed "Latin Pop/R&B Artist" and she hails from Denver, CO, a place I've always known to be a hotbed of spicy latin tunes. This lovely lady has recorded a gem of a song, titled "I Get Off". Now when I saw this, first I giggled. Then I thought, "that can't really be what it means, she must be talking about getting off a train or something". Nope. Ms. Cordova describes some lonely nights where she pictures my face (at least I think she was singing to me) and then she just gets off. Rock and roll. If this song was a little catchier it'd probably secure a place in the canon of absurdly inappropriate pop songs.

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