Wednesday, November 08, 2006

enon, white, hustle.

One thing I've never mentioned here is how much I like enon. Actually, I should say I like High Society by enon, I've never really dug too deeply into their other albums and what I have heard didn't thrill me as much as the High Society stuff.

I caught them for free once with the douchipster, but the show was actually kind of disapointing. I remember being really bummed that they didn't play my favorite song.

In case you didn't make the connection, "Window Display" is my favorite song of theirs. They did play "In This City" though, if I remember correctly, and I remember it being a good time. For whatever reason, I've also never mentioned how cool I think Barry White is. Maybe I've just been assuming that it was a given.

Listen to that production. Funky. That's really all I can say.

I guess while I'm on this rambling roll, I can mention how I like Apostle of Hustle. Like Enon and Barry White, there's a very interesting attention to detail in their production. There's no extraneous sound in any of it, even if it may sound overly layered at time, every single note is well placed.

These two songs couldn't be more different.

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