Friday, November 17, 2006

I believe that is called al fresco...

So it looks like today is a big day for diminutive ladies of british hip-pop making potentially career damaging moves. Just a couple hours after I read about Lady Sov's breakdown, I came across an interesting little bit on stereogum about Lily Allen's, um, interesting little bits.

Just for those of you who missed it, that was Ms. Allen's boobie.

"Everything's Just Wonderful"(including my boob) by Lily Allen
"Everybody's Changing" (their shirts) by Lily Allen

Tune in next week when Cigar Box degenerates fully into an indie celebrity gossip rag, with features on the Conor Oberst sex tape (hint: it involves masturbation and crying), unflattering pictures of Julian Casablancas, and our ruminations on the possible reunion of Blake Sennet (Rilo Kiley/The Elected) and Ethan Suplee (My Name is Earl).

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