Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Whitest Rapper That Could

I just stumbled across an advance of Brother Ali’s newest album “The Undisputed Truth” due out April 10th on Rhymesayers and so far so good. For those who don’t know, this guy’s been putting out tapes since roughly 2000 and on his own until 2004. This is his second album through Rhymesayers and no, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you – he’s a genuine albino. His rhymes are mostly reflective and laid out in stories. Live, he rock's no hypeman and doesn't miss a word and some of the accapellas he lays out are ridiculous. He’s actually goin’ on tour next month which I would love to catch, check his myspace for the dates.

From what I’ve read Ali’s been through a lotta shit since Shadows on the Sun was released in 2004 and from what I’ve heard so far, he’s got a lot to say. Tracks that caught my ear are Faheem, Lookin’ at me Sideways and Letters from the Government. They’ve got the depth I expect from his better tracks and the way he structures his rhymes can be very engaging. Ant nails it with the production leaving me to wonder why he couldn’t have pulled out something this soulful for the last Atmosphere release, but I digress. Check the attached clips and decide for yourself but from the few run throughs I gave it this has the potential to be another quality Brother Ali release.

Brother Ali - Faheem

Brother Ali - Letters from the Government

Brother Ali - Lookin' at me Sideways

Brother Ali - Prince Charming (shout out's to youtube)