Friday, March 09, 2007

On your radio dial

I've been a casual fan of the Peak since it started broadcasting almost three years ago. I mean, it was still typical rock radio fair, but it was a good mix of classic rock with more contemporary stuff, plus they were never a station to just stick to the singles. Whereas most radio stations will play "Rock The Casbah" till your ears bleed, I remember catching "Clampdown" and "Lost in the Supermarket" on the Peak on more than a few occasions. Sometimes they'd even spin a Smiths track. Apparently now they're trying to move even further from mainstream commercial radio, including live music and studio cuts from regional acts, plus more Indie rock. I caught the tail end of "Phantom Limb" tonight as I was driving around at work, then heard the DJ say he'd be spinning some Kings of Leon within the hour. I went and checked their website's playlists and saw that they've actually got some pretty cool stuff in heavy rotation, like PB&J and Albert Hammond, Jr. Plus it's not even like they just play Phantom Limb, they've got a couple other Shins tracks going through rotation too. Although it'll be hard to steer myself from Conservative talk radio I enjoy so much, I'm definitely gonna be listening to the peak more these days.

Each one of these tracks has been played on the Peak at least once in the past day or so:

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