Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Love You, Jesus Christ...

A good friend of mine is out in Scotland right now and since him and I discuss music on a fairly regular basis. Figuring he would enjoy it, I sent him In the Aeroplane Over the Sea tonight. I've been in a big "listening to albums front to back" phase lately, and this is one of those albums that's really perfect for that. In listening to the album as I sent it, I just started looking around for information on Jeff Mangum, since I hadn't really known too much about him and Neutral Milk Hotel. I came across this article by Kevin Griffis that I really enjoyed, called "Have You Seen Jeff Mangum?". It goes through bits of interviews, band history, personal reflection, lots of good stuff.

In turn, he put me on to a track by Beirut that I hadn't heard; an alternate version of "Scenic World" from the Lon Gisland EP. The electronic elements are completely removed and the whole cheery mood of the song is changed into a much more mournful vibe. It's a really great contrast to the other version.

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