Thursday, March 08, 2007

Songs I Like By Bands I Don't, Pt. 1

The Rolling Stones

old guys.

I've always been against the rolling stones. Even when I was young, I just thought Mick Jagger was fucking lame. Sometimes, it's beyond me how anyone out there doesn't fucking hate him.

It's not even just the tights and knee pads, I was never really crazy about his voice either. It just never hit me right. Plus Keith Richards is a pretty good guitarist, but damn sometimes his licks are just plain boring. So there's all that, plus they're so goddamn old looking. I mean, I know everyone says that, but you have to understand, I don't remember any time in my life when they didn't all look like they were pushing 70. All that being said, there's still exceptions to every rule.

I've liked this song for as long as I can remember. I didn't realize that it was the stones, however, until I saw the movie The Fan, with Robert DeNiro. Even though I was pretty young (way too young to have watched that movie) I still felt conflicted that a song I liked was by the rolling stones. I think one of the big things that made me like the song at first was that he said "sex".

"I am Waiting"

Good song. Jagger's vocals don't really bother me so much here, he's just kind of straight up singing, not making annoying Mick Jagger noises. The real reason I like this song though is that it was in Rushmore. Everytime I hear it, I picture Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman doing bunnyhops on their bicycles.

"Moonlight Mile"

This is another one that I really love because of its association to non-stones related pop culture. I might not have liked this song if I had heard it for the first time on the radio, but in the context of the last episode of Sopranos season 6, it was perfect.

"Beast of Burden"

Now this is one time where I just have to take my hat off and say, with no excuses, damn rolling stones, you have done a fine job. Mick Jagger's vocals fit perfectly here, but the real star of this goddamn show is Keith Richards. His guitar wanders all over the track, without ever losing the groove, and the sound he squeezes out of that thing can't be described as anything but "pretty".

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