Sunday, March 04, 2007

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I'll be your new companion on this here cigar-box and a heartfelt thanks in advance for perusing my ramblings and tandems bout the wide world of music, etc. as I see fit.

Quick rundown, I met the Green Hornet through a friend of a friend of a special friend, did some unspeakable things and the rest is recent history. But enough about me, onto the music.

This past Tuesday saw the release of halo 22 from Nine Inch Nails, a DVD showcasing their winter/spring 2006 tour. First post I'm gonna take the semi-easy out but still attempt to be objective - I saw NIN 5 times spanning their latest 2005-2006 America run...That said this DVD does do a very good job of capturing the heart of what Trent and Co. were going for theatrically. The set list includes all the old and recent hits, and a few rarities, with the visuals being impressive with the band sounding tighter than ever considering a recently formed ensemble.

Compared to NIN performances of yesteryear this seems reflective given the raging destructive days circa The Downward Spiral/ Closure, but is that a bad thing? All bands grow up, with few continuing to producing creative and progressive music yet I'd argue this is one of them. All in all I'd suggest it to anyone remotely interested in NIN with $12 in their pocket, and kudos for trying to push the envelope with multiple releases on BlueRay and HD-DVD, hopefully my broke ass will get to see those one day.

Until next time, I leave you with these live NIN tidbits -

DVD footage

Ruiner (2007)

The Becoming

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