Wednesday, February 28, 2007

yeah yeah yeah

I love it when new record releases sneak up on me. I just saw today that the new !!! comes out next week and I honestly didn't even know they had a new project in the works. I'm listening through the album as I write this, and from where I sit now, I'm enjoying it a lot. That really says something, considering how long it's been since I stopped doing ecstacy. The titular track, "Myth Takes", goes on this cowboy tip, like if "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" were shot in Williamsburg, or maybe somewhere funky. Few other bands could use the lyrics "sha sha shadooby" and have me enjoy it this much. "A New Name" gets all space funky on your face and drops chorus vocals that sound like they're from the WAR catalogue. Nic Offer's vocals keep up that spoken vocal thing that always tiptoes the line towards creepy, but there's really a lot of expansion going on towards different styles of wailing. I'm on track four by now, "Heart of Hearts", and I just realized that I'm dancing my ass off in this chair and I'm not even sure when it started. I'm definitely pysched to go cop this next week. This is the kind of thing that I need to have in the car, since it'll be great for driving, plus if a party springs up somewhere, I can just run out to the car for it and soon everyone will have the funk blown out of their drawers.

"A New Name" by !!!
"All My Heroes Are Weirdos" by !!!

"Must be the Moon" by !!!

I also found out tonight that new LCD Soundsystem album is coming out on my birthday, but they'll be touring in Germany or some other far off land at the time. Too bad. All you Germans out there make sure you catch em live, they're up there with the best live shows I've ever been to.


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