Friday, February 02, 2007

Emotion Chip

I came across this band tonight, by way of Said the Gramophone, called Crystal Castles.

The track Gramophone posted, "Alice Practice" was a pretty sweet display of robot angst. Lord knows I'm always down for some angst, robotic or otherwise. I checked out their myspace though and I'm really digging the less angsty stuff too. There's a Klaxon's remix that digs such a solid groove I just listened to it twice in a row (plus it ditches the bassline that the klaxons nicked from fugazi). There's a really cool 8 bit track that really pounds your face too, and there's one spacey track with vocals that kinda remind me of "It's Coming Up" by Gorillaz. So now, in that respective order, here they are.

"Atlantis to Interzone" by Klaxons (Crystal Castles Remix)

"xxzxczx me" by Crystal Castles

"She Fell Out" by Crystal Castles

They're on tour overseas with Klaxons right now. I like them better than Klaxons though.

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