Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm a Loser, Baby.

Beck is one of those guys I forget about really easily. I really like Beck. I've always liked Beck. I got detention once in the 7th grade because I wouldn't stop singing the "do do" part from the beginning of "New Pollution" during math class. For whatever reason though, I tend to just forget about him and not throw him on all that often. Today I found myself listening to The Information though, and although I liked this album when I first got it, I haven't really given it the accolades it deserves. The Douchipster's perennial mancrush Nigel Godrich does a really solid job with the production. The album's great to throw on when you're not quiiite sad enough for Sea Change.

I posted "New Round" the first time I mentioned the album here. I think it still stands out as my favorite, but "Think I'm In Love" is a solid catchy tune.

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