Saturday, February 24, 2007


So a VH1 documentary just came out on the diamond trade in Sierra Leone, I was working during the initial airing, but I'm gonna try and remember to catch the next showing on sunday. Part of the show is going to document a trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone with Paul Wall, Tego Calderón, and our favorite, Raekwon the Chef. I think it's a great premise, but I'm wondering what effect it can really have. Apparently Tego has announced that he'll never wear any kind of rings, chains, or diamonds anymore, but I can't imagine that Paul Wall is going to just up and abandon his grillz business. I mean, it's kind of all he's got.

Although, if he's looking for cash after abandoning his lucrative grillz business, I have to say that I would definitely watch a reality show starring him, Tego, and Raekwon.

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