Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Raekwon the God

Couple months ago, I saw the Gza the Genius at BB Kings and he tore shit up. Raekwon was out on stage lending his voice for most of the set and hyping up Cuban Links 2: Heron Only. The whole idea of making a followup to Cuban Links seems somewhat ambitious (see Liquid Swords part 2), it's without a doubt one of the best efforts in the entire Wu canon. So maybe that's why Rae's been teaming up with another elder statesmen of Rap who's been preparing his own comeback??

Raekwon the Chef feat. Busta Rhymes - State of Grace Remix

The track's a remix of a supposed Cuban Links 2 track and it's one of many recent remix and mixtape collaborations between Busta and Rae. It'd be cool as hell if these two got to working together all the time. Especially after hearing Raekwon's guest appearance on Busta's new album,

Busta Rhymes feat. Raekwon the Chef - Goldmine

There's definitely a strong Wu sound on the track, which in my mind is never a bad thing. So with Cuban Links 2 supposedly dropping soon, the Big Bang just coming out, and Fishscale dominating, looks like New York might snatch hip hop back. If you have a chance, check out some of the other Busta/Raekwon collabos, (what's beef, coke dealings) and on the Wu side of things, DEFINITELY check out this new Masta Killa track featuring Raekwon and Tony Starks.

Masta Killa feat. Raekwon and Tony Starks - It Is What It Is

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